The Boneyard Collection

A unique anthology, comprising of four different short films connected by server sections. The original person, BOOGIE WITH THE UNDEAD, posseses a girl rock band booked to play a gig at a city flanked by flesheating zombies. At the next one, THE DEVIL’S DUE at nighttime, a coven of amazing witches scooped up Brad Dourif as The Devil, also endures the inept strikes of stunt killer Ken Foree. At the very first long run, HER MORBID DESIRES, a celebrity finds the lead part at a vampire picture, just to find starlets are increasingly being killed over the place. The additional long division, CRY OF THE MUMMY, gets got the re-incarnated mummy, before the past Pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty, appearing to sue the picture studios because he can not get act for being a mummy. His fresh lawyer has to represent him an agent, however, the mummy is only going to work in picture if they could guide.