Antiques Road Trip Season 22 Episode 9

Tim and Irita tour Somerset, acquainting themselves with public houses along the way; Tim to learn West Country skittles and Irita to take tea and unexpectedly find something to buy that’s hanging on the wall!

Newbie expert, Irita, detours to the golden age of sailing ships with a visit to a restored Victorian sail and twineworks, and continues her quest to find some fine porcelain in order to make a profit at auction. Tim is taken by some old apothecary bottles, even if he can’t say the word!

This time out, they both take a fancy to piggy themed items: Tim, a fine Liberty leather footstool; Irita, a porcine vesta case. Are they hot to trot? All will be revealed when their little piggies go to market. Or, as we call it, the auction.

Episode Title: Episode 9

Air Date: 2021-05-20