Antiques Road Trip Season 22 Episode 7

Rookie Road Tripper Irita Marriott sets out to win, but wily Tim Medhurst hunts for rare items he knows will pique bidders’ interest.

In any case Irita’s in the pink, the ‘Suffolk pink’, and she’s on a mission to discover exactly what the authentic colour of the local charming cottages really is.

Meanwhile Tim is in canny mode, forking out but a fiver for one of his purchases. However, he’s also keen as mustard on a fine art nouveau piece that he hopes will boost his chances. In the middle of it all their classic car, the Reliant, proves it can’t live up to its name and after a break down Tim decides to have a little light relief at Irita’s expense.

Can Irita win again or will Tim come back with some mild-mannered vengeance? That remains to be seen as they gather at Knebworth House to watch their items go under the hammer.

Episode Title: Episode 7

Air Date: 2021-05-18