Antiques Road Trip Season 22 Episode 13

The third outing with Raj Bisram and Paul Martin. Given that it is dealer Paul’s very first Road Trip experience, it is a good thing he has his chum Raj alongside him in the classic roadster. Just how chummy they will be when the auction rolls around remains to be seen.

The pair explore the Cotswolds and the Mendips in style. Along the way, they discover the story of the fascinating Yorkshireman who not only discovered oxygen, but also had a big hand in the invention of the gin and tonic. Cheers to that! Raj also makes an unusual detour to paint his face on an egg.

In Somerset, Raj makes a purchase with a touching story, a father and son’s war medals. Paul, however, spots a bargain when he picks up an oil painting of a lifeboat. One expert’s buy makes over ten times its purchase price at a thrilling auction in Somerset.
Paul loves furniture and art, but what can he acquire with a modest £200? Raj’s keen eye for trends in the antiques biz means he’s simply looking for a profit-making bargain. Buying with the heart or head, which will prove successful at the Hampshire auction?

Their journey into the South Downs also allows time to investigate a mysterious giant chalk figure, and a welcome walk with the rare Sussex spaniel.

Episode Title: Episode 13

Air Date: 2021-05-26