Antiques Road Trip Season 22 Episode 12

It is the second leg of this jaunt with debutant Paul Martin and his seasoned tripper chum Raj Bisram. Paul is a dealer and certainly knows his way around an antiques shop. Raj, meanwhile, is an auctioneer with a competitive streak and is not giving any dispensation to his new pal, a Road Trip rookie.

Our pair are sharing the driving duties as they head west in their open-topped roadster. Today’s treasure tour also includes a stop-off in the New Forest to learn about wartime despatch riders, and to hear about the man who donned diving gear to save Winchester Cathedral from collapse.

Clocks, cocktail trays and cap badges are picked up on this tour of Wiltshire and Dorset. Will Raj’s risky three-figure purchase of some rare jelly moulds cause him a wobble at the Didcot auction?

Episode Title: Episode 12

Air Date: 2021-05-25