Antiques Road Trip Season 18 Episode 20

It is the last leg of the road trip for Raj Bisram and Margie Cooper, not to mention their little French motor. This time they start their antiques hunt in the New Forest before heading west to Exeter for the auction. Margie gambles half of her budget on a chic French antique, and Raj opts for an eclectic mix of curios from clothes pegs to a cheroot case, to a rare piece of TV history.

Raj also dives into the history of outdoor swimming, while Margie discovers an incredible art collection gifted to the people of Bournemouth. It all gets terribly emotional when Raj recites a poem revealing his love for Margie. However, their friendship is put on hold as the rivals end up in Exeter for the final sale – who will be crowned the winner of this road trip?

Episode Title: Episode 20

Air Date: 2019-02-01